Per Zufall haben wir einen Bericht über die aufblühende Deutsche Whisky-Szene im Online-Portal des The Telegraph entdeckt und sind stolz darauf, dass hier auch unsere Brennerei und unser FADING HILL Whisky als Beispiel für guten, deutschen Whisky Erwähnung findet.

So wird erwähnt, dass in Deutschland doppelt so viel Whisky hergestellt wird, wie in Schottland.

Die Autorin des Beitrages im The Telegraph, Melanie Hamilton schrieb über deutschen Whisky und unter anderem die Birkenhof Brennerei:

By Melanie Hamilton 1 January 2023 • 12:00pm

Germany has a worldwide reputation for its exceptional beer, crystal-clear schnapps and perfectly spiced glüwhein. It’s well deserved, too; everyone is familiar with the images of steaming mugs at Christmas markets, foaming steins in summer biergartens, quaint countryside brennerei (distilleries), and the rich history that accompanies all of them. 

Over the past few decades though, angel share has been in the air with the distillation of German whiskey steadily on the rise. In fact, Deutschland now boasts a whopping 250 whiskey distilleries and counting – more than twice its Scottish counterpart. This fast-growing love of liquid sunshine has sprung many a hobby-craft of small batch whiskeys in schnapps distilleries, along with full blown independent distilleries whose sole passion is German-bred whiskey. 

And while German whiskey is a relative newcomer to the global stage, its traditional roots and naturally sustainable practices have given it promise. Many German whiskey makers have adopted the same sustainable methods used to distil schnapps through the generations. The world of German whiskey is composed mostly of people with strong backgrounds in agriculture themselves, meaning fewer corporate bigwigs and more family run, environmentally minded production processes.

Birkenhof Brennerei, Nistertal

A smidge over a half hour from Koblenz, a castle-clad city straddling the confluence of the Rhine and Mosel Rivers, will land you at Birkenhof Brennerei, a family run distillery that has been honing their craft for eight generations. In 2002, Birkenhof’s first whiskey, Fading Hill, was born.

Cradled between the rolling hills of The Westerwald, with charming towns like Montabaur and Hachenburg on its doorstep, Birkenhof Brennerei’s surrounds have a lot on offer. Wintertime in this neck of the figurative and literal woods means twinkling lights and cinnamon candied almonds at the Koblenz Weihnachtsmarkt, and winter hikes from Nistertal to nearby spa town Bad Marienberg.